Guanaja, Honduras

Photo of Guanaja Island in Honduras

Guanaja Airport

There is a new Guanaja commercial airport, which makes arriving in Guanaja a modern experience. Currently only one airline flys regularly to and from Guanaja: Sosa Airlines []. Monday through Saturday, Sosa flies to Guanaja leaving La Ceiba between 9 and 9:30 a.m., Sosa leaves from La Ceiba again at 3:30 p.m. heading to Guanaja. Reservations on Sosa are recommended [(504)440-0692 or (504)441-2513], especially if you plan on taking the afternoon flight, as they fill up fast.

Guanaja Air runs "shuttle" flights between Guanaja and Roatan, and both Guanaja Air and Bay Island Airways offer charter flights.

Guanaja Air []
US Numbers: (901) 507-5297, (901) 691-7804, or (901) 490-2624
$195 per person each way, on their shuttle from Roatan (4 person minimum) - Hooks up with incoming Roatan international flights.

Bay Island Airways []
Local Cell Phone: 9858-8819 or 9858-8824; US Number: (303) 242-8004.
$380 per hour for two people.